Lifespring Ministry is Wayside’s long term transitional living program for women and women with children, who have lost their housing due to addiction, abuse or financial reasons. This safe, loving “family” environment has the capacity to house up to 57 women and children and provides a six-month program teaching families the necessary skills to live independently.

Women are encouraged to face their problems, plan for their future, and work toward self-sufficiency. We minister to the whole person through Bible studies, biblical counseling, classes in parenting, finances, cooking/nutrition, GED tutoring and computer skills.

  • Six-month transitional living program*, (Phases I-III) with possibility of an additonal six-months (Phase IV)
  • 12-18 month additional support and stabilization after graduation
  • Assessed by staff, graduates may apply for one of Lifespring’s four apartments within the building
  • Linkage to various local churches for additional Bible study, church attendance and Christian guidance
  • Linkage to other helping agencies in the community


To schedule a “Coffee” or make a donation, contact:

Jody Cantey, Director

Phone: 630-952-1104

For information about entering the Lifespring program, contact:

Marquerite Blitch, Case Manager

Phone: 630-851-0187

For information on volunteering, contact:


Bridgette’s Story

When I was born my mom had begun a deep struggle with drugs. I was raised by my grandmother for a while and then I went into foster care. I was sexually abused at an early age by a foster brother – which ultimately led to a distrust of men and many poor choices. I found myself in and out of abusive relationships, I was incredibly lonely. It felt like I was the only person on earth, I even tried to commit suicide. But, God had another plan! He sent one of my cousins to save me – and He led me to Lifespring.

Lifespring was nothing like I imagined, it has become a safe haven for me and my children. I actually feel like I have a home for the very first time in my life. Through the classes I have learned about God and His love for me. I have been able to take time to learn about my past hurts and how that has shaped me. Lifespring has taught me what true love is and how I can overcome the past and live for God! I can really see that Christ is glorified through the staff and volunteers there.

Lifespring is such a big part of my life now that I can’t imagine not volunteering and being part of it in the future. Eventually, I hope to help other women find out who they are in Christ: fearfully and wonderfully made.