Other Donations

Donate Automobiles

If you have a working car or truck that you would like to donate to Wayside Cross Ministries, please contact Steve Wise, Hope Outreach General Manager:

Phone: 630-723-3434 / Email: swise@waysidecross.org

Donate Stocks/Real Estate

If you have stock, property, insurance or other assets you would like to donate to Wayside Cross Ministries, please contact James Lukose, Executive Director:

Wayside Cross Ministries
215 East New York Street
Aurora, IL 60505

Phone: 630-723-3423 / Email: jlukose@waysidecross.org

Planned Giving

Wayside Cross Ministries, like many other organizations, depends upon the generosity of caring, committed people to carry on our vital ministry to the poor.

What happens when a loyal donor passes on? Unless the donor takes steps to ensure perpetual giving, the partnership dies and the contributions cease. One way to perpetuate your generosity is to make a provision for Wayside Cross Ministries in your estate plans.

Benefits of Estate Planning

  • Ensuring that your generosity will continue beyond your lifetime
  • Providing your heirs with potential tax benefits
  • Inspiring others to follow your example

There are a wide variety of planned giving opportunities which donors may utilize to meet their charitable giving and estate planning needs. Charitable planned gifts can be an important part of any financial or estate plan, and should be made in consultation with a qualified financial planner or estate planning attorney. Following is a partial list of the various types of planned gift available:

Annuities – Donors may invest in a Wayside Cross Ministries gift annuity which, depending on their ages, will pay them an annual return of a fixed percentage of the gift, guaranteed for life, and much of the income is tax free!

Bequests – Designating Wayside Cross Ministries as a beneficiary in your will is the simplest form of a planned gift. It is also a very effective way to provide for future support of Wayside. Should you decide to make this type of gift, the correct beneficiary name is Wayside Cross Ministries.

Endowments – An endowment fund provides for a principal amount, which remains intact while the interest or dividends support the work of Wayside Cross Ministries “forever.”

Life Insurance Gifts – Naming Wayside Cross Ministries as beneficiary of a life insurance policy, or buying a policy for Wayside Cross Ministries, is a way to become a major donor at a minimum cost. The premiums are tax-deductible.

Stock Gifts – The gift of appreciated stock is an excellent opportunity to convert an asset into a charitable gift. No capital gains taxes are incurred on the transfer of appreciated stocks, and the gift may be used not only as an outright gift, but also for a gift annuity, participation in the pooled income fund, an endowment or virtually any other form of planned gift.

Payable on Death (POD) Accounts – The gift that you give and still keep is made possible by designating Wayside Cross Ministries to receive the balance of your savings, brokerage or other account at the time of death. You retain the right to use all of the funds in the account throughout your lifetime. This designation is fully revocable during your lifetime and is a “no-risk” gift for those who are concerned about unforeseen expenses, but would still like to make a gift.

Charitable Trusts – Donors can place assets into a trust account, which will generate income for them or any beneficiary they designate. These accounts can produce fixed or variable income and may be revocable or permanent depending on donors’ wishes. Upon the death of the trust maker and subsequent beneficiary, the money will then benefit the work of Wayside Cross Ministries.

Retirement Account Gifts – If you are planning to give to Wayside Cross Ministries through your will or estate, one of the best assets to give is one that is least valuable to your heirs. Naming Wayside Cross Ministries as the beneficiary of your pension or individual retirement account (IRA), money can eliminate income and estate taxes on that gift.

For more information on how you can make a planned gift to Wayside Cross Ministries, contact James Lukose at:
Phone: 630-723-3423 / Email: jlukose@waysidecross.org