Master’s Touch

Master’s Touch


Master’s Touch is a Bible-based, Christ centered resolution to the crisis of the broken life, facilitated by one-on-one discipleship/mentoring within the context of local church partners.

The program is a comprehensive 6-month residential, life transformation ministry for troubled men whose lives are out of control as a result of drugs, alcohol or some other destructive behavior pattern. The program helps them confront life-controlling problems and empowers them to change through:

  • Spiritual development
  • Biblically based mentoring
  • Work rehabilitation
  • Education
  • Mentoring relationships with members of local churches
  • Transitional housing


Randy Tomassi, Director

Telephone: 630-723-3422



Mike’s Story

Story-MichaelMcMike came to Wayside like most people do, because he “had no place else to go.”

He had grown up with an abusive father, and after his mother remarried into another bad situation, he drifted to drinking and drugs. At 17 his mother gave him some money and told him to leave. He bounced around from place to place for years but drinking, drugs and some bad health problems led him to his last friend who insisted that he try Wayside Cross.

Mike had never been religious. He didn’t know or care about God and had never read the Bible. Early in his stay at Wayside he picked up the Bible he had received and randomly opened to Psalm 51. He read “For I know my transgressions,and my sin is always before me… Create in me a pure heart,O God,…” (NIV). What he had been hearing began to make sense and the Bible became a vital part of his life. Mike graduated and then took on a position helping the New Life Corrections Ministry and the Development Department.

At that point his life took another turn. He was diagnosed with cancer. With the support of his church and the staff at Wayside he never missed a day during his six months of treatment.

Stories like Mike’s happen all the time, men and women walk into our building almost every day, looking to change their life. Transformation is what happens at WCM.