New Life Corrections

New Life Corrections


New Life Corrections Ministry exists to serve as a catalyst in enlisting and training believers from local churches to reach out to people behind bars with the transforming power of the gospel and practical expressions of God’s love.

  • Bible Lesson grading team
  • Weekly Dads’ Classes
  • 2-Day Dads’ Seminars
  • Literature distribution
  • Worship services
  • Bible studies
  • One-on-one counseling
  • Aftercare
  • Volunteer training seminars
  • Chaplain’s training academy


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Steve Madawick, Senior Chaplain

Phone: 630-723-3412

What God Has Done!

We celebrate the life and work of Tom Beatty, former New Life Corrections Director, who passed away in 2016.

In 2007, Chaplain Tom came to Wayside Cross Ministries to direct the New Life Corrections (NLC) Ministry, with a job description that read something like: To be a catalyst to involve Christians & local churches in the jail & prison ministry. At that time, NLC was involved in the Kane County Jail.

While there were volunteer opportunities there, they were not abundant, and insufficient to involve many new volunteers. There was some opportunity for minor involvement in the McHenry County Jail and the Fox Valley Adult Transition Center (ATC), but again, no real opportunity to involve many new volunteers.

God led Chaplain Tom to develop the DADS CLASSES, first in a pilot program in the Kane County Jail. Soon it spread, to other facilities:

  • DuPage County Jail
  • DeKalb County Jail
  • Kendall County Jail
  • IL Youth Center- St. Charles

And most significantly to the Illinois Department of Corrections (IDOC) at  Stateville Corrrectional Center (CC).  From there, God led IDOC to open the door of volunteer opportunity for DADS CLASSES, reformatted into DADS SEMINARS, in all 25 men’s State Prisons.

From there, some Federal Prisons in Illinois requested the DADS SEMINARS/CLASSES:

  • Pekin Federal Correctional Institution (FCI)
  • Pekin Federal Work Camp
  • Greenville FCI
  • Metropolitan Correctional Center – Chicago.

One of the early opportunities for minor involvement at the Fox Valley ATC, led to some weekly classes which we eventually developed into the FREEDOM FROM FEAR seminar, which we’re now taking to both men’s and women’s State Prisons. So, we now have (nearing) 400 volunteers, serving in:

  1. Kane County Jail
  2. McHenry County Jail
  3. Fox Valley ATC
  4. DuPage County Jail
  5. DeKalb County Jail
  6. Kendall County Jail
  7. IL Youth Center- St. Charles
  8. Pekin FCI
  9. Pekin Federal Work Camp
  10. Greenville FCI
  11. Metropolitan CC – Chicago
  12. Big Muddy River CC
  13. Centralia CC
  14. Danville CC
  15. Decatur CC
  16. Dixon CC
  17. East Moline CC
  18. Graham CC
  19. Hill CC
  20. Illinois River CC
  1. Jacksonville CC
  2. Lawrence CC
  3. Lincoln CC
  4. Logan CC
  5. Menard CC
  6. Menard Medium Security Unit
  7. Pinckneyville CC
  8. Pontiac CC
  9. Pontiac Medium Security Unit
  10. Robinson CC
  11. Shawnee CC
  12. Sheridan CC
  13. Southwestern Illinois CC
  14. Stateville CC
  15. Stateville Minimum Security Unit
  16. Stateville Receiving Unit (NRC)
  17. Taylorville CC
  18. Vandalia CC
  19. Vienna CC
  20. Western Illinois CC

We will be HAPPY to have you join with us! Send Steve Madawick an email and/or sign-up for the JAIL-MAIL newsletter (above).